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Government Services

Since the establishment of the government electronic bid site, multiple manufacturing companies have lost sales and credentials due to third parties mis-representing those companies. It is in the best interest of manufacturing companies to choose one government supplier they can trust to timeley and accurately represent their company.  RPM Supply provides the following services to those manufacturing companies: 

  • Direct quoting and bidding to the government through the vast electronic bid sites.
  • Shipping and Packaging to the government standards and regulations.
  • Billing of the government.

Additional Protection Services

RPM Supply prides itself on integrity, duty, and honor.  We believe that supplying the government is a privilege, not a right.  Ultimately, having RPM Supply represent a manufacturing company to the government will save them time and money, but most importantly, it will provide the end user with the correct product when they need it the most.  Here are additional services RPM Supply provides to manufacturing companies:

  • Fraud Monitoring of manufacturer's parts
  • Reverse-Engineering Protection
  • Government drawings and specs of additonal parts and end items





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